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High water table area? TVPM got you covered!

If you have a rental that is in a high water table area make sure to have sump pumps installed. When the summer’s are as wet as this year is the ground gets saturated and water and ground water will find its way in your basement – especially older homes. Without a sump pump the basement can flood and the pump out can be very costly as it takes much longer to pump out a basement without a sump pump. Thanks to @SideBySideMRO for doing this pump out for us!

-Mike from TerraVestra Property Management

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How about you do maintenance on the properties you manage or actually talk to tenants. We're humans too. Having no one but contractors contact us is not professional. Fix your properties before you see a class action. Would take 5 minutes of emailing people from reviews to get enough do some real negative PR.

Get your shit together.

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