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Brief history of how the townships in South Jersey changed!

Being a property management company solely focused on South Jersey we love our South Jersey history! Many investors, especially those not from South Jersey find it strange that Gloucester City isn't part of Gloucester County. Well there is history to that and the below is brief history of how the townships in South Jersey changed! Kudos to the Gloucester City FB group for providing this info!

So why isn't Gloucester City and Gloucester Township in Gloucester County?

Answer - they were once

In the beginning there were just 4 counties in South Jersey. There are 7 now. The first were Salem, Burlington, Cape May & Gloucester. Cape May & Burlington have not changed much. Cumberland was later carved out of Salem. Gloucester has undergone many changes. When Gloucester County was first created it stretched from the Delaware River to the Atlantic Ocean. In 1837 the eastern portion split off to form Atlantic County. Then In 1844 the northwestern part was formed as Camden County and it contained the townships of Newton, Delaware, Union(containing Gloucester City), Winslow, Waterford, Washington and Gloucester.

Over the next 100 or so years there were many changes in the townships of Camden County.

Washington Township eventually left Camden County and went back to Gloucester County and the southern half split off into Monroe Twp.

Newton Township became Haddon Twp and the towns of Collingswood, Haddonfield, Audubon, Haddon Heights, etc split off when they incorporated.

Delaware Twp became Cherry Hill and Stockton Twp. All of Stockton was later absorbed by Pennsauken Delair & East Camden.

Union Twp became Centre Twp and later completely disappeared into the towns of Bellmawr, Mt Ephraim, Runnemede, Barrington, Lawnside etc.

Waterford Twp lost area to Voorhees, Atco and Gibbsboro.

Winslow Twp which was originally part of Gloucester Twp and has stayed mostly intact except for Chesilhurst.

Gloucester Twp was once much larger and included the towns of Somerdale, Clementon, Pine Hill, Stratford. Lindenwold, Laurel Springs, Hi Nella, Pine Valley and a part of Berlin There will be a test later...any questions?

Extra credit. Lakeland was originally part of Gloucester County and not in Camden County. It was established as both county's poorhouse(almshouse) and asylum hospital. Over time the buildings need repair and Gloucester County did not want to contribute to the cost. Instead they sold the 144 acres of Lakeland to Camden County and eventually the state changed the borders and added it to Camden County and it became part of Gloucester Twp.

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