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Furnace Service Plans

Furnaces and the maintenance associated with them can be a massive headache for landlords. When one goes down it can put stress on your tenant which can put stress on you. Getting an overnight repair can be costly and inconvenient. If you haven’t checked already take a look at South Jersey Gas service plan for furnaces.

They offer a 24/7 coverage program for your building's furnace for approximately $130 a year. If something breaks in your furnace they will send out a tech to service it. This can be a lifesaver with both stress and money, especially for those calls that happen while you are on vacation or during a holiday.

A normal service call for HVAC can set you back $80 a visit + parts & labor, and who knows when they will be able to fit you into their schedule. Using a service plan helps set up a safety net for your rentals' heating system and ensures you’ll get a repair when you really need it.

-Mike from TerraVestra Property Management

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