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Rently update and report!

Rently update and report!

We love to provide updates on the South jersey market and what is happening with new technologies and market trends specifically in South Jersey

Two months ago we started using Rently to try to do automated showings. We thought with COVID and the desire for convenience this would be a great way to automate showings. Two months in and Rently has fallen flat. In the past two months only two automated showings occurred and on every property we tried them on we had to revert to in person showings.

Its a disappointment but we thought this might have been the case when we tested it out. As an FYI we are the only ones in South Jersey (South jersey being the lower five counties) using Rently currently as stated by their teams.

The biggest hurdle that prevented individuals from using it was entering their credit card info to be allowed access. 95% of individuals did not want to. This is unsurprising when you look at South Jersey's population demographic. We are primarily a rural (jokingly swampers) area and most properties are unicorns. The rural-ness combined with the uniqueness of the property naturally leans tenants to want to be walked through the property.

We will still try to use Rently but it looks like the South Jersey market hasn't quite adapted to it yet.

What are your thoughts?

-Mike from TerraVestra Property Management

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